Ftp drive and duplicated files

I have problem with “conflicted” files on one of ftp drive (server).

Not experiencing similar problems with Amazon Cloud Drive and one another ftp server.

When files are saved, on server is saved as conflicted, after odrive syncs local file, changes are lost in text editor. After this I have to “undo” and save again. Working like this is impossible. There are 10, 20, 30,… confliced files in working directory when editing file.

Can this be related with ftp server setting?

Im the only one working with those files. Files are not updated remotely.

Has been this option implemented yet?

Hi @jure.topolak,
It sounds like it could be something with the server configuration and how our FTP integration works. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

The option to disable conflict handling has not been added yet.

Diagnostic has been sent.

Hi @jure.topolak,
I took a look and it looks like the FTP server is changing the modified time on the file after it is uploaded. So what happens is we upload the file to the FTP server and it reports a modtime that we record. The next time we look at the file, the modtime has increased (file size is the same though). Since the date is newer, we assume its been updated and download the “updated” file.

If you have made and saved a change between the time we uploaded and the time we look for changes, this will end up in a conflict. This is because odrive now thinks that you’ve made changes to an “old” version of the file.

It is odd behavior. The trick will be figuring out why the FTP server is either changing the modtime or reporting it wrong.

What FTP server is this?

Its ProFTPD 1.3.5d running on Debian 8.6 (jessie).

On another server where odrive dont have this issue is similar combination: ProFTPD 1.3.5 - Debian 8.6 (jessie).

I think that I would link drive as SFTP where SSH server wouldnt cause this problems.

You can definitely give SFTP a shot.

It is certainly strange behavior. Our test FTP server is ProFTPd1.3.5 and we have also never seen this.

Try to update to ProFTPD 1.3.5d :slight_smile:

With SFTP is working without duplicated files. Anyway, I hope that I would not experience same strange behavior on other FTP servers, because I intend to use odrive mainly for web development.

I was reading that ProFTPD has some known oddities with modtime relating to timezone. I haven’t had a chance to look into it, but its possible there is a config that will fix the behavior you are seeing.

In any case, I am glad to hear it is working with SFTP