From xxxx.cloudf to xxxx back to xxxx.cloudf

I’m a new User of odrive and couldn’t found any hint for the following situation :

  1. I have already folders into my Amazone Cloud
  2. After having installed Odrive I found that all my Amazon directory were renamed to xxxx.cloudf
  3. Accessing the data was simple and the software renamed locally the directory from xxxx.cloudf to xxxx.
  4. Data was accessable and copied locally , now I could
    … Till here I have no issue …
    Now I want this directory to be locally removed but still visible as xxxx.cloudf , but how ?


Hi @pdebaene,
You can use unsync for this. Take a look at this section of our usage guide for more information:

Many Thanks got it and found it

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Great! Thanks for the follow-up.