From Local Drobo to O-Drive

Hi All,

I’m a new user to O-Drive and trying to understand all of the features available to me. I thought it might be easier to explain what I’m doing and see if any suggestions popped up for a way to do it easier and faster.

I have 30TB of data on a single Drobo that is hardwired into my iMac running iOS 13.2.1 and I want to put all of that data on my unlimited Dropbox account. Currently I’m copying folders in small chunks to my local Mac HD which holds my O-Drive, then once copied, selecting unsync to free up the space. This seems to be working but is INCREDIBLY tedious. There has to be a better way!

The issue is that I don’t have more than 1TB of free space on my Mac HD so I’m limiting by that being the middleman. Can it not just go straight from Drobo to O-Drive without touching my Mac HD?

Appreciate the help and insight in advance, thank you!

Hi @steve3,
It sounds like you could use the “sync to odrive” feature to maps folders from your Drobo direct to Dropbox.
More information here:

You will still want to do this in chunks so as not to overwhelm the system with trying to sync 30TB in one go, but you can probably do it in larger chunks then previously.

The basic steps would be:

  1. Select a folder on your Drobo you would like to sync over.
  2. Use the “sync to odrive” feature on the folder to map it to Dropbox.
  3. odrive performs the sync (which will likely take a while)
  4. Once syncing is done, right-click on the Drobo folder and select “Remove sync”, which will remove the relationship and free-up odrive from having to continue to deal with the overhead of that folder.
  5. Move on the the next folder.

On a side note: Dropbox recently announced that they are dropping unlimited storage. You may already know and have planned for it, but I wanted to make sure.

Incredibly helpful thank you and sad to see that Dropbox is ending unlimited, but appreciate you sharing!

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