Fresh Install of odrive on Mac crashing after 5 or 10 minutes

Yesterday I installed a fresh copy of Sierra on an extra iMac I have. Literally the only software on it is odrive and Plex. I installed it and it is updated to most recent version. Now, on a brand new install of Mac OS, it crashes every 5 or 10 minutes. Everything is up to date. I would just simply like For this not to crash silently because it is indispensable to my workflow. Please help if you know how to fix this.

Hi @nholloman,
Do you have an external drive connected? If so you may be running into an issue with the way MacOS sends events against their spec.

This thread has some more info on this with a potential workaround (aside from disconnecting the external drive). O Drive Desktop Sync crashes after ~3-4 seconds (OSX) (with video)

If you don’t have an external drive connected, can you send a crash report? You can look for one from the console (type console into Spotlight search). Look in the “User Diagnostic Reports” section.

I do have multiple external drives but it is working on my MacBook pro 3 feet away with same OS and multiple externals also.

Hi @nholloman,
That’s what makes this issue so frustrating. It is not consistent or reproducible on demand. I’ve seen that some environments cause it and some don’t, but there isn’t a observable reason behind it. The one thing we’ve seen is that it is related to external drives, though.

Essentially what is happening is MacOS is sending us filesystem events in a format that it is not supposed to send them, which causes big problems (crash).

I can tell for sure with a crash report. It is possible this is something else, but this is really the only crash-related issue we’ve encountered.

If you disconnect the drives, do you see the same behavior?

The best answer I can give is maybe. It ran all night with no problem last night. Then today poof it is gone. Gotta get this fixed quickly. What can I do to help get this resolved?

So…found the problem. Bad ram module. Pulled it out and boom! Fixed.

Thanks for the update @nholloman! Glad you were able to get to the bottom of it. That would’ve been a tough one for me to figure out :slight_smile:

Hahaha. Shame on you guys for designing an application that relies on actual functioning RAM to operate! Lol.

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