FreeNAS plugin for odrive?

Does any odrive plugin for FreeNAS ? I want to sync my data in FreeNAS to Amazon Cloud Drive. How can I do it on the FreeNAS system ?


Great sugestion @lichang.liu! I would like this plugin too. FreeNAS is Open Source and the operating system is really good. They already have many plugins like transmission, plexmediaserver, BitTorrent (Sync)… Would be fantastic to have all odrive features on FreeNAS.

We don’t have a plugin, but it should be possible to install agent onto a FreeNAS box with ssh access, if anyone wants to give it a shot :slight_smile:


How would one go about doing that? I’d Love to give it a shot but have no idea where to start

Yea how would you go about this since FreeNAS is freebsd based.

Yes. I admit I did not look into it much. I know FreeBSD offers some Linux compatibility with 32bit binaries (maybe 64 now?), although I have not tested that with our Linux odrive Agent. I also don’t know what steps are needed to utilize FreeBSD’s Linux compatibility layer with FreeNAS.

Perhaps someone more familiar with FreeNAS (and FreeBSD in general) can tell us more.

Freenas Plugins/Jails removed the linux compatibility layer in recent releases due to large issues. A FreeBSD version of the agent would be the most ideal solution.

@Tony Any update on this?

After running a bake off between FreeNAS & OpenMediaVault, FreeNAS won.

I’m seeking a solution to connect to Amazon Drive, and would like to use Odrive, ExpanDrive, or NetDrive.

Nothing to report on this. I will be sure to update here if it is something we start working on.

FreeNAS 11 (which is in RC at the moment) has support for running linux as a VM. Docker/container support is also planned for late in the year, which would be an even easier way to get Odrive onto your storage server.

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