Free vs Paid - do I have this right?

I’m looking to sync all of my video files to Amazon Cloud Drive.

If I move the “videos” folder into the odrive Amazon Cloud Drive folder, I can use odrive for free.

BUT if I right click on the “videos” folder and click “sync to odrive” that is a paid feature.

Is that right?

Other than the parent directory for my files on my hard drive, it is otherwise the same functionality?

Yes, that’s right.

Some people have a specific need to keep files in place on their current locations on their computers. But if all you’re looking to do is to migrate everything to Amazon Cloud Drive and you don’t mind continuing to operate out of that folder inside the odrive folder, then the free version will work just fine.


P.S. Later on, you may find our Unsync capability to be useful, especially if you are dealing with files which you mostly want to keep archived on the cloud and don’t really access often (i.e. you don’t need them to take up space on your computer’s hard drive). Unsync is a premium feature, though you can try it out with your free Premium trial for 7 days after you sign up. See the usage guide section here for more information about Unsync.

You may also find the new (free, not premium) large file splitting feature to be useful if you find that uploading your large video files isn’t going well. Depending on your network connection, you may find that you are stuck in an upload loop as your computer tries to upload the large file to Amazon Cloud Drive but it keeps failing and starting over due to an untimely network fault. See the uploading large files section of the usage guide and our recent medium article for more information. Basically, by splitting up large files behind the scenes, we can help make sure the file goes up properly. The only downside is that if you’re planning on consuming the file outside of odrive (e.g. via Amazon Cloud Drive web client), the split file won’t be accessible in the normal way since it’s split up into file fragments. There’s nothing proprietary about the split, though–if you ever want to recombine the files without using the odrive client, the medium article (near the bottom) goes through how you can do that by running a simple script/command line.


Wow, thank you for the details, very informative reply. You answered questions that I was thinking of asking but didn’t!

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