Free up Local Storage Space

Hi ,

1-If i put 100 GB one file in the cloud folder in Odrive folder is it will use the local storage space or its will use only the online cloud storage space ?
2- i have Virtual Hard disk 100 GB Size and i use it to expand my local storage and i use it always to add and edit my files is it will be always continuously synchronized even if i restart my Computer without any data loss ?


Hi @mourad.kilani,
odrive is a sync engine, so you if want access to the file locally, it will need to be downloaded and exist locally. Any changes to that file will be synced to the cloud. If it is a single 100GB file then it will need to upload the entire file if any part of it has changed.

It sounds like odrive may not be well-suited for your particular use case if you are wanting to sync an active, single 100GB file from your machine to the cloud.