Forward Share-Link to Cloud Frontend, not Odrive Frontend

Is there a way to forward users to the corresponding web interfaces of the cloud instead of using Odrives own web interface? Or haven’t I just found it?

For example, if someone clicks on my shared odrive link of a dropbox folder, the link forwards the user directly to the web interface of dropbox, effectively forwarding it to a native dropbox shared link. Some other companies offer this, so I guess it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to have this as an option flag when creating shared links.

This would especially be useful with integrated Apps like Office within Onedrive. Currently, Odrive is downloading my .doc files instead of forwarding it to Office Online like the Onedrive frontend does. Could be interesting for premium customers as well.

+1 This would be the killer feature that would allow me to use ODrive completely and uninstall all the other clients.