Folders within Odrive

Odrive does a great job in syncing my cloud storage using webdav. I have several cloud storage accounts and each is represented as different folders/placeholders within Odrive in my D drive like this:

My D drive is running out of space and I wonder if I can relocate CloudAccount3 to C drive. I know I can move Odrive folder using “Move odrive folder” but not clear if I can move any folders under it. Below is my desired outcome

Is that possible?

Hi @jason.lim,
You can use the advanced “sync to odrive” feature to sync other folders to your cloud storage. In your case you can do something like this:

  1. Copy the entire CloudAccount3 folder to a location on your C: drive. For our example we’ll save it is in C:\CloudAccount3
  2. Right-click on C:\CloudAccount3 and select “sync to odrive”.
  3. In the browser pop-up, browse to the CloudAccount3 linked folder and select it for use.
  4. Confirm your sync setup

This will create a sync relationship between the C:\CloudAccount3 folder and your remote CloudAccount3 storage.

Depending on the amount of data in that folder it could take a while for odrive to go through all of it and make sure it is all accounted for and synced. Once it is done, confirm that everything is behaving as it should and then you can right-click->unsync the D:\Users\me\odrive\CloudAccount3 folder to free up that space, since you will now be working out of C:\CloudAccount3 for that storage.

More info: Manage Sync

Thanks Tony, just reaslied sunc to odrive is a premium feature.

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