Folders unsyncing

I’ve been using Odrive for about a month or so now. As I’m often travelling, I work across two computers.

I have noticed that folders that I have synced and downloaded all contents appear a bit later as unsynced again. This is happening consistently although I can’t work out what timeframe it happens within.

I have checked both computers’ Odrive settings and the auto sync settings on both computers are set to never so I can’t work out why my files are disappearing? Because I’m always travelling and using my mobile data for internet, it’s costing me a fortune to keep re downloading the same files over and over again.

Any tips?

Hi @jacqueline,
The only time a file or folder should be unsynced is when it is unsynced via a manual action, auto unsync settings, or if the item is reported as missing/deleted when asking the cloud for contents of the folder and then it “reappears” after that.

Can you tell me what storage this is?

You may have meant “auto unsync” here, but I just want to make sure. Can you confirm that?

If you can catch one of these instances where the files are unsynced, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

HI Tony - yes, sorry, I meant Auto unsync is set to never.

It’s happening to both Dropbox and Drive folders.

I will pick a couple of folders that I know are synced at the moment but have unsynced previously and if they unsync again, I’ll send out a diagnostic.


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Thanks @jacqueline! I should be able to take a closer with the diagnostics look once we have an example of this.