Folders Files Not Updated even after refresh

Typically Folders and Files updates in Procore automatically reflect in Odrive. Well, this is not the case for one of our users. Looks like his folders and files in his Odrive are not updated.
He refreshed and I asked him to do a refresh at all the main folders as well.
He sync and unsync the folder he is looking for But still looks like they are not updated.
Please advise Thank you

Hi @yakeline.torres,
Yes, it sounds like something may be off in the configuration for that user.

Please do the following:

  1. Send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu on that user’s machine: How do I send a diagnostic?
  2. Provide details on the path(s) that you are seeing not updating, along with what is expected vs what is being seen.

Once I have the information above, I can investigate and see what is going on.

Hi @yakeline.torres,
I’m just checking-in on this. Is the user still having issues?