Folder sharing/download and other suggestion


First problem I am having is when trying to share folders. When clicking the “download” icon when only folders are present nothing happens/nothing is being downloaded. One has to actually go into the folders individually to be able to download the content. Is this how it’s supposed to work?? If so then this not very user friendly IMO.

  1. No Tiff file thumbnails or previews? Is that correct?

  2. When sharing images wouldn’t it be more pleasing to the eye to have the “gallery view” set as default rather than the “list view”?

  3. Icons on the download page aren’t very straight forward and I think they should be labeled as well. One should take into consideration that on the “downloading” end not everyone is familiar with odrive’s icons/functionalities.

  4. When clicking on an image the image slider opens but there no arrow icons or any explanation how to advance/view the next image. I know now I have to click the image itself to be able to go to the next image… Again one should assume that whoever is on the other end viewing the images might not be very computer savvy… So forward/backward arrows or any sort of description would be very useful here

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Thanks for the feedback @bonny.sadr. These are some good points.