Folder created in Amazon Cloud Drive app appears but not contents

Hi, I have this problem with the odrive client (paid version):

On an iPhone with the “standard” Amazon Cloude Drive app (not “Prime Photos”) I created a folder and uploaded some videos and pictures.

The folder appeared in the File Explorer but not the contents.

I have tried:

  1. unsyncing and re-syncing
  2. Right clicking in the folder and selecting “Refresh”
  3. Restarting the odrive client.
  4. Restating the computer
  5. Some of the files appear in the odrive web interface, but not all (117 .jpeg of 243 total / 7 .mov of 15)
  6. All of the above applies to both to my desktop and laptop, which have the same odrive account.

Do you have a solution for this or am I missing something?


I have found the problem, it isn’t odrives fault but Amazon’s app:

When the files were uploaded from the iPhone, they were renamed with a prefix AMZN_ which is not a problem but it also adds colons to the time stamp of the file, so a photo file name looks like this:

AMZN_2016-11-05_14:59:16.jpeg (yes, it also converts JPG to jpeg)

A colon is not allowed in file/folder names on a Windows file system.

When I replaced the colons in a file name with dots, it synced normally with the deskop client. (Of course I am not goint to do that manually to all the files)

When I select files in Amazon’s web client and manually download them, the colon in the file names are converted to underscores…

Is it too much to ask to implement that feature into odrive, to convert the file names with colons to underscores or is it technically impossible or just too much trouble?

Could I techincally do this myself if I learn how to use the cli? I didn’t give it any attention yet…

Good sleuthing @gigaseven. I don’t know why Amazon chose to name their images this way, but you are correct. The colon they put in the file name is incompatible with Windows.

We used to perform automatic renames, but it ended up causing too much confusion and problems. We will be exposing these issues in a better way in an upcoming version, however, so it will be easier for users to identify the issue.