Flickering right click menu on Win 10


I love this app and I know it can be fixed :slight_smile:

Using Windows 10 home 64bit.
So when there are downloads going on I try to add more and more folders/files to the list. But when I open the right clock menu of a folder/file, it almost immediately closes (the timeout is random but measured in less then 2 sec). I see the file explorer (explorer.exe) window flickering, I assume it is repainting the file icon badges to show other downloads are still ongoing or finished. This repaint kills any open right click menu and drives me crazy, not being able to add new downloads to the sync list, unless I play a very intensive “click me if you can” game.

Can you suggest any remedies or do you need me to try out things to get to the bottom of this effect?

Thanks for your help! :smile:


This can currently come up if you have a lot of activity going on in the odrive folder, as you have seen. It can cause icon flickering, redraw, and spikes in CPU.

You may be able to alleviate the effect by removing the navigation pane from Explorer:

Can you give that a shot and see if it helps?
Also, are you using the right-click menu to perform copy+paste commands? If so, can you use control + c/control + v as alternate methods?

Hey Tony,

thanks for the tips, will try them. So far I am not doing as much up/downloads as I did before. I’ll come back to this thread a bit later, when I have anything to report :slight_smile:

Ok, so I have tried to shut down the left panel, but even by having 2 syncing folders/files the repaint event still force closes the right click menu when I try to operate on another item. :frowning:

Hi @vad.viktor,
Can you provide a screenshot of your explorer and where you are clicking to make this happen, along with steps you are taking?

I am trying to reproduce this on Windows 10, but I am not seeing the same thing. The right-click menu remains for me, even when many items in the same folder are syncing.


Hey @Tony,

Here is a video I capture of my right clicks regarding this issue I have.

After Odrive have enough process to report their progress, right click menu navigation is “impossible” until those reports/redraws finish or at least abate.

I hope this can be of some help.


Thanks @vad.viktor,
I’ve passed this on to our QA team to see if they are able to reproduce

Hey @Tony,

here is a new video, recorded in 60FPS to show flickering frequency. I am downloading 3 files and it seems they trigger 2-3 repaints/refreshes instead of 1.


I hope it helps more in your brainstorming.


Thanks @vad.viktor. I have added this to a dev ticket I am using internally to track this issue.