Flashing menu icon Mac OS

For the first time, my odrive menu icon is flashing while it syncs. It flashes white twice, pauses for two seconds, then flashes again. I can find no documentation that states why it’s doing this or that this is some new feature. Can you tell me why it is doing this? And how to make it stop?


It sounds like it is flipping between idle and syncing states. Do you see anything listed in “Waiting”, “Syncing”, or “Not Allowed” when you look at the odrive tray menu while this happens?

There are a few files in waiting, and it’s making progress on a specific folder just fine (percentage keeps increasing). This is definitely different than anything I’ve seen before as it’s not flipping to the standard gray/idle color but rather a bright white instead, then going back to pink with the moving white blip.

Hm, maybe you were right that it was the idle icon. It finished syncing and now it’s whiter than I remember, haha! And, it finished ok, so not sure what was causing that. I’ll keep an eye out for a recurrence. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.

It is sometimes possible to see a flashing effect like this when files are queued and processed in a certain way. For example, if you are hitting an exception on the service that pushes the files to the waiting list and then retries them (this can happen with API rate limits, for example).

Glad to hear that everything is looking good!