Fix Trash Empty Command

I got it that we can manage Google Docs files from odrive. If I delete a gdocx or gsheetx file, odrive can’t actually delete it, and instead has to restore the file in odrive. Fine, that’s a Google thing, and you can’t get around it.

But please don’t just give up on emptying the trash when odrive encounters one of those files in the trash. Please silently restore it, continue emptying the trash and maybe give me a notice at the end of the process that odrive couldn’t delete those files and had to restore them.

It’s incredibly frustrating to have to babysit the trash just because I forgot I had a bunch of Google Docs files in a folder I’m trying to delete.

Same with Facebook folders. or really, any error while emptying the trash. Just empty what you can, restore what you have to, and tell me at the end. Don’t make me babysit your application.

Hi @cyotee,
Yes, this is a downside to the current trash implementation and it can be annoying. This is addressed in the next generation odrive product, but since it isn’t released yet its a small consolation.

You can use the CLI to brute force emptying the trash. This is more advanced odrive usage, so take a look here for more information and let me know if you have any questions:

That is nasty. but at least it fixes my problem. Thank you for offering up the ugly, but effective answer and trusting me to not fuck it up. It’s churning through them now.

I’ve been dealing with frustrating products that make everything overly complex and hide real access all in the name of a simplified user experience. Which, of course, breaks as soon as things don’t run smoothly. And with no access to the guts, I’ve been stuck beating my head against the metaphorical wall that is customer service as they tell me I should do it the stupid way that is less stable because it would “easier” to setup.

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Thanks for the update @cyotee. I’m glad it is allowed you to push through this. This behavior will be improved in the future.