Final Cut Projects and Syncing to Amazon Cloud (will it "update")

Lets say I have a 100gig (many times more) Final Cut project, I’ve already uploaded it to Amazon Cloud VIA Amazons desktop uploader…

The question:
If I continue working on the Final Cut Project, many things change within the project, and I move the project to ODrive and click sync… Will it simply “update” the file(s) that are already within the same location (i.e. same folder) on Amazon Cloud?

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Hi @muntzstudios,
I am not familiar enough with Final Cut Pro to give a definitive answer to how odrive would behave. odrive’s general upload sync behavior is to sync any files that have “changed”, meaning the size or date of the file has changed. Since Final Cut Pro’s structure consists of many individual files, odrive should pick-up the changes to those individual files and sync them.

My advice would be to test with a smaller project to see if it behaves in a way that you expect/want.

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I’ll attempt to test it, but I then have another question.

I’m allowed to “sync” other folders outside of ODrive… I tried to do this and then I stopped it because of uncertainty and when I canceled it and “unsynced” that folder with Odrive, a number of folders that didn’t even belong in that directory of the sync shows up on my computers HD (zero KB placeholder files), which in turn freaked me out because I didn’t want to delete the placeholder file, to then have Odrive delete the file, containing TBs on my Amazon Cloud haha…

Why did that happen and how can I make sure it doesnt happen again? It really seemed like a bug…

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It sounds like you may have targeted a remote folder that already had items in it, which would then be represented as placeholders in your local folder.

What folder did you choose as your target for this local folder you used “sync to odrive” on?

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