Files with '"' in name wedged for SharePoint

I notice that SharePoint rejects files containing ‘|’ (vertical bar) in the name - this gets flagged by odrive and I have to rename the file(s). However, files containing ‘"’ (double quote) get stuck in “Waiting”. If this character is also illegal then shouldn’t they get marked as “Not allowed” also?

Hi @nick,
Thanks for reporting this. It looks like Microsoft doesn’t parse the filename correctly when it has a double quote in it, so the exception they return is not the expected “illegal character” error. This seems to be new behavior. They used to return the correct error.

We’ll account for it in the next release.

Cool - thanks. On a slightly different note, I also have a file stuck in the odrive trash bin which I don’t have permission to delete (“You don’t have edit permissions”). Is there a way to resolve this?

Hi @nick,
Is there anything of note about this file? (A file that is shared with you, for example)

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a closer look at the error? This will also create a “current_local_status.txt” file in the root of the odrive folder that should show some information about this, as well, if you want to look.

The sync activity log (at the top of the odrive menu under “Ready to sync new changes/Syncing changes”) may also provide a bit more information.

It’s an index.lock from a Git repository. Oddly enough, though, the problem seems to have resolved itself - the file had been trapped in the trash for at least a week, but I did another “empty trash” and it seems to be gone. The Git repo. is also fine, apparently. If the problem arises again I’ll report in.

Interesting. Thanks for the follow-up @nick. Definitely let me know if it crops up again.

Did the sync activity log reveal anything? It should have a history of that delete attempt and may reveal a more verbose error.