Files stopped syncing to amazon cloud

I was on a trial version of odrive and set up folders on a portable hard drive to sync to my amazon cloud drive ( i have both a photos prime and paid cloud drive service with amazon) and

was syncing great. I went ahead and subscribed to the premium odrive account but today my items are no longer sysncing. the odrive idcon in the tray is animating like it is syncing but it says “ready to sync changes” but nothing is uploading/syncing to the cloud even though there are thousands of files that still remain to be sync’d. this is happening with all of my sync folders and doest seem to be specific to anyone folder. It also looks like my DNG files are not uploading however yesterday it showed hundreds of DNG files and jpgs syncing, any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @michaelbenford,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu? I will take a look at see if something is up.

Are you able to sync down files from the cloud still (turn placeholders into “real” files)?

thanks i sent the diagnostics report. i also noticed that when i got up this morning allot of items were syncing and i was able to see all of the overlays/icons that showed the status in my finder window however i had to restart and now none oif the items that were syncing are syncing and all of my overlays/icons are missing.

I also noticed that while i was able to view all of the syncd files on amazon cloud that were sync’d up i am unable to see them on odrive site. many of the jgs are there but none of the dngs. in reality this isnt a major issue for me as long as i am able to see them on amazon and know they are backed up but was confusing. thanks in advance for all of your help.

Hi @michaelbenford,
Taking a look at the diagnostic, things are syncing, so I don’t see any issues at the time of the diagnostic.

You have almost 50,000 folders being tracked, which means you have lots and lots of objects to scan and upload. The Lightroom packages have really ridiculous, sprawling structures, which makes odrive’s job more difficult. My advice is to let odrive make its way through all of that data and try to keep it running for as long as you can, since odrive has to re-scan the local folders again when it is restarted.

If odrive has been running for several hours and you still do not see any activity, please send another diagnostic.

As for the files missing from the odrive web client, if you continue to scroll down, do you start to see more files? The odrive web client pages through the folder listings, so if you have a lot of files/folders, it may take some time (and scrolling) to see them all.

thanks it does seem like things are syncing fine now. when you mention “really ridiculous, sprawling structures” can you tell me what you mean? are you referring to the folder structures - will cleaning those up help things?

Hi @michaelbenford,
Yeah, I was referring to the way those Lightroom files are structured. They look like single files in Finder, but are actually massive folder structures. I’m not familiar enough with the product to know if that can be helped, though.