Files removed locally?

I just started using oDrive, and syncing to Amazon Cloud Drive.
I was backing up a folder from a permanently connected external drive, however, when I came back to the office today, it seems like it stopped after the wifi dropped out. Also, the oDrive app froze. I decided to restart.

After restarting, oDrive wouldn’t stay open for more than a few seconds for some reason. Also, the files that have been successfully syncd to Amazon Cloud Drive are actually not on my external drive anymore. It’s been replaced by a .cloud file. Is this normal? These are important files, I will need to redownload them it seems.

Help would be appreciated! I did search this forum for something similar, but couldn’t find anything in my limited time.

Hi @sliwinski,
This is not normal behavior. Generally files should not become placeholders unless they are unsynced. Do you know if you have auto unsync set? The option for it is in the odrive menu under “set auto unsync”.

Is odrive still not starting up for you?
What operating system and version are you running?