Files on oDrive Servers - Security?

So do I have to give oDrive access to all of my files in the cloud storage accounts that I use? Also, I’m thinking about syncing a local SFTP server. Does that mean all of the files on that server will now be synced to oDrive’s servers?


Yes, as a user you need to give odrive access / permissions to the storage, authorizing a linked storage source allows us to send it requests on your behalf, triggered by your actions. When you utilize the odrive desktop client it then can make requests directly to the storage sources you are linked to.

We don’t store any of your data in our servers, communication and transfers to those sources are direct between the odrive desktop client (your computer) and the storage.


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Let me add a bit more to Asif’s good answer.

odrive does not store your files. It stores the connection information and your authorization. odrive further encrypts the connection information for added security.

When you use desktop sync, the odrive client gets your storage information from the odrive server and establishes direct connections between you and cloud storage or you and your SFTP server.

When you use odrive’s web client, odrive servers use your storage information to retrieve content on your behalf. odrive only facilitates the connection, it never stores your content or metadata.

I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks for your response Peter! As for the SFTP server. It’s local to my home network and I’d like to sync an encrypted copy of those files to the cloud utilizing oDrive. Those files are sensitive and I’d rather not store my password on remote servers. Any way to do this? Or does oDrive never see this information?

Are you concerned about the file or the connection info?

odrive has the connection info. It is encrypted so the people at odrive can’t see it, but we do have it.

If it’s about the content, your own local encryption or odrive’s file encryption will ensure nobody can see the content in the cloud.

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