Files not uploading / Waiting / Amazon Cloud Drive

Hi, I have odrive installed on 2 computers, one at home, and one at office.
The office PC is part of a AD domain, don’t know if that’s important.
When I try to upload files by adding them to the odrive folder to Amazon Cloud Drive, the files get the status waiting and nothing happens.
Odrive does work with Google Drive when doing exactly the same.

What is wrong here?

Hi @martin,
Can you send a diangostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a look?


Hi Tony,

I have to correct my statement. Google Drive isn’t working either.
Only folders get created, and the files keep syncing forever.
I just send the diagnostic report to you.
Hope that helps.


Hi @martin,
From the diagnostic, it looks like there is a network issue being reported. Are you using a proxy? We, unfortunately, do not support proxies in odrive yet.

Yes, I am using a proxy.
Okay, that explains the issue.
Any idea when you’re gonna support a proxy?

Hi @martin,
No estimates yet, unfortunately, but it is something we are planning.

Damn, I love odrive, but this is a no go IMHO.
In office environments you almost always have a proxy for internet access, you should really put this on top of your feature request list.
For me odrive is not usable this way. Really sorry to say that.