Files not syncing

I have hundreds of files are not syncing. But when I click on them to force them to sync, I am only given an option to unsync them. The folder they are has a blue check mark next to it, and half of the files are synced, the other have are not.

Can’t figure out what is going on or how to fix it.


Hi @r_speth,
Can you send a diagnostic over and tell me the path and name of a few files that are not syncing but are presenting the option to unsync?

Would you also be able to provide a screenshot of this so I can make sure I am on the same page?

Diagnostic just sent.

Here are my screen shots.
These are some but not all of the folders that are having issues.

This is what happens when you click on a file.

It’s also not limited to the Sony .ARW files.

Hi @r_speth,
If you click on “unsync” you should get a window telling you that the file is not synced yet. It’s expected to see that option on files that are within odrive scope, but not yet synced. It is a bit confusing, though, so I understand why it is bringing up these questions, especially with the green check on the parent folder (which is something we are addressing in a future version).

It looks like you have lots of stuff currently in the process of syncing. What probably has happened is there was an exception, or multiple exceptions hit when uploading to Amazon, and odrive moved to another folder and will circle back to these files that haven’t synced yet.

My advice is to let odrive run and continue doing its thing. It should circle back to any items that haven’t yet synced and push them up, but it may take a while. So basically just wait and watch and refrain from poking it as much as possible while it works :slight_smile:

If odrive seems to have finished up and is no longer uploading anything and you still have files that are unsycned, ping this thread and we will continue to investigate.