Files in Google Drive Don't Reflect ODrive Changes

Hi There,

I have had an issue for quite some time, and can’t seem to figure it out.

My odrive /mac finder files all go to my Google Drive - the files I move can all be found where I put them in my Google Drive. However, if I delete items from my oDrive in my mac’s finder, the files don’t disappear from my Google Drive folders accordingly. So, if I drag a file around, it will always appear in multiple folders. If I remove files and replace them with updated versions, both versions appear in the folder.

It all backs up nicely, but my Google Drive itself is a mess. Is there a way to fully sync Google Drive to my odrive folder?

Thank you

Hi @clairegrayperkins,
Thanks for reaching out about this.

It sounds like you may just need to empty the odrive trash. See here for more details:

We keep a queue of locally deleted items and don’t send them to the remote storage (Google Drive) until the user explicitly empties the trash or sets auto trash rules to do it automatically. This is done as a safety measure to ensure that users do not inadvertently delete their files.


Wow, I wish every problem I had came with such an easy answer!

Thanks, Tony!

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No problem @clairegrayperkins! Glad I could help.