Files from share link are broken / Only maximum of 25 files downloaded

I want to share a folder with 36 video files and created a share link to do it. People told me that, when using Chrome, only 25 files are downloaded (I tried twice on my computer and it happens too) and out of the 25, five files are broken with 5,2MB each and one with 0 bytes.

When I click Download all, it starts downloading a batch of files at the same time and this happens:

Some files stop at 5MB and then when the other files that started before finish, this ones finish too and they are broken with 5MB each. Just paid for the subscription yesterday and didn’t expect these kind of problems right out of the start.

Anyone can help? Please

Hi @besugophoto,
Is it possible that I can test with your share link to observe the behavior? If so, can you direct message me with that link?
If you split the files into two shared folders, with less than 25 files in each, does it work?

Hi! I sent you the share link via private message! I always have broken files.
I haven’t tried but is it a problem the 25 files? Is that the maximum it can download??

Hi @Tony! Tried to download a 16 files folder. 1st try downloaded 10 files with 2 broken files, second try downloaded 8 with 1 broken file.

Hi @besugophoto,
I am looking at this now and seeing if there are any optimizations to be made for a high number of concurrent, large downloads.

For the 25 file limit, its not actually a limit, but a result of how many files are currently show in the web browser. The listing is paged, 25 items per page. When you scroll down to the bottom, the page will “refresh” the next 25, and so on. If you have a folder with more than 25 items, the user will need to scroll to the bottom to make sure that the items are all listed in the browser before trying to download them all. For simplicity, it may be better to limit to 25 items or less per link, just to eliminate the need for users to scroll.

I will update on the stopped downloads once I investigate some more.

I get that @Tony but I just tried to download a 16 file folder and only got 10 in the first try and 8 in the second and the scroll/refresh isn’t an issue here. It’s just no downloading all the files, even if it’s less than 25

Hi @besugophoto,
I’ve been testing this today and it seems to be an issue only with Amazon Drive. You are sharing these links from Amazon Drive, right?

I tested against Amazon Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Only Amazon exhibits this behavior where 5MB is downloaded and then the download seems to hang for a while. Usually it will continue on, but sometimes Amazon breaks the connection after the 5MB and the file ends up only 5MB in size. That is what seems to be causing the behavior you are seeing.

I don’t know why this is the case, but it looks to be something on Amazon’s side.

I’m using Amazon Drive as storage but the links are created through Odrive. What about the files not being downloaded? Only 25 out of total 32 and 10 out of total 16?

Hi @besugophoto,
I can’t reproduce the issue with only some downloading. Do you see the ones not downloading listed in the downloads section of the Google Chrome browser?

Yes I do! I can see all the files that the folder contains in Google Chrome but I can never download them all

Hi @besugophoto,
Do you have any other storage linked that you can try, as an experiment? My testing shows that Amazon behaves badly in this case, but other services like Dropbox and Google Drive do not.

I don’t have any with enough space available to do it. At least with those same files

Hi @besugophoto,
I will send you a PM with the shares I am testing with.