Files/Folders not showing/syncing in odrive but are fine in OneDrive

I have a small number if files and folders that aren’t showing up in my odrive folder that are in OneDrive. They are using a “~” or a “.” as the first character of the file/folder name. They don’t show up at all in odrive, regardless of the sync status. Can this be fixed? They sync just fine with the OneDrive client.

Here is a current list of files we ignore during sync. Do your filenames fall into any of these patterns/names?

I don’t see any list. Did I miss it?

Whoops… I forgot to paste the link :flushed:

They are indeed in that list. I’ll rename what I can.

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Hopefully it’s not giving you too much trouble. The names we filter are are overwhelmingly associated with files users do not want to sync.

Are there specific filetypes in your workflow that require these names?