Files are missing

I rearranged the folders ann content in a synced folder (Mac). Then got a message that the folder could not be synced, and then all the files in the folder disappeared. What has happened?

Hi @johannes,
Sometimes odrive will move files back to the original location if they were moved to a location where they cannot be synced. The sync activity log should be able to tell us what odrive did.

Can you do the following?

  1. Send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu:
  1. Check the sync activity log and see if it lists any activity regarding the folder and files:

Hi Tony

Thanks for quick reply! Here comes the log file. It’s the contents of the folders called ”Bewi” and ”Brainforest” that I can not see.

(file removed for privacy)

Best regards

Hi @johannes,

Unfortunately, the main.log file doesn’t show much of a window (only back to Feb 22), since there is a lot of activity.

Can you please do the following?

  1. Send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu. I didn’t see one come in, so I want to make sure I have a diagnostic from your system to reference:

  2. Grab all of the logs, zipping them up, and sending them to me via a private message. This will provide more history and I should be able to better follow the progression of actions on these folders.

    To do this:

  • In Finder, at the top, Navigate to Go->Go to Folder…

  • Then type in ~/.odrive/ and click “Go”.
    finder_go_to_folder_2This will open up odrive’s data folder.

  • Then zip up the log file folder by right-clicking on it and selecting “Compress log”.

    This will create a “” file. If you can send me that zip file, I should be able to get a really good view into how odrive interacted with the 2 files in your example above and help narrow down where we can look at things.

  • Click on my name above and select “Message”. That will send me a direct, private message.

  • You can then drop the zip file that was created into an odrive folder, wait for it to upload, and then right-click->“Copy Share Link to Clipboard” and paste that link into the message and send it to me.

Hi, I´m not allowed to send pm to you, it seems. But here are the log file: (file removed for privacy)

Hi @johannes,
There are a few items in the odrive trash that I think are what you are looking for.

The odrive trash is a default safety feature that holds any detected local deletes in a queue and does not send them to the cloud until the users specifies to to so. You can find the odrive trash in the odrive tray menu. Clicking on an item listed in the odrive trash will provide an option to recover it.

I think if you recover those items, you should be all set.

For reference, here are the items in the odrive trash as of the time of the diagnostic:
Trash (15):
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v11.lrcat-wal
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Brainforest Julfest film.cloudf
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Rood.cloudf
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Drone
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Bewi Greenline.cloudf
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v11.lrcat-shm
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v11 Helper.lrdata/helper.db-shm
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Brainforest site film.cloudf
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Boråsfilmen Swedbank
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/database_2021/Resolve Projects/Settings/HiddenView.xml
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Resolve Databse/Resolve Projects/Settings/HiddenView.xml
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v11 Helper.lrdata/helper.db-wal
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-v11.lrcat.lock
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Boras film
/Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Boras Stad/Overenskommelsen/FILM

Clicking on any of those in the odrive tray menu will provide the option to recover it as a placeholder file, or you can recover everything at once.

Below is a detailed explanation of what I think happened, if you are interested:

I looked for items with the name “Bewi”, and it looks like you had a folder /Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Bewi Greenline that had several items uploaded to it. This folder was then unsynced.

A new folder, /Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Bewi was created. It looks like you may have intended to move Bewi Greenline into the new Bewi folder, but the operation wasn’t able to be executed properly, so the move was picked up as a delete of the placeholder file in the old location and then an add of an orphan placeholder file in the new location (Bewi Greenline.cloudf).

There was a notification sent about this:
Notification sent (urgent): Invalid placeholder found: /Volumes/FILM RAID/odrive/Dropbox/Kunder/Film_scratch/Bewi/Bewi Greenline.cloudf Placeholder files may have been moved/copied and cannot be uploaded. Ensure the items are first downloaded, then try again.

But, it looks like this was during a time that Dropbox was imposing some strict rate limiting, so the message may have been missed in the midst of other error messages.

Future best practices:
It looks like you are hitting Dropbox’s rate limits fairly often, which can make syncing in real-time more difficult. My suggestion for moving items around is to keep them as “real” files and folders, if possible, when you move them, and then unsync the items after they have been moved.