"File or Folder has been moved permanently on the webdav server", while file is still there


When accessing (or sharing) a file on one WebDAV with the odrive client account, this error message pops up: “File or Folder has been moved permanently on the WebDAV server.”

However, actually, the file is still there. I also have no problems with renaming the file. Deleting is not possible as well, however. Other WebDAV clients can access the file without issues.

If I try it via the web-interface, I get an HTTP 400 error.

Does anyone have an idea, what could be the cause of this? Would be happy about any hint, what could be going on. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi @bastigruenwald,
Thanks for reaching out.

WebDAV is a difficult integration because it is not very well standardized. There ends up being a lot of variation in the implementation.

Can you trigger the issues you are seeing again on the desktop client and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu. I’ll take a look and see what we may need to tweak to handle this WebDAV server’s responses.

Can you also tell me what the server software is, if you have visibility into that?