File name order instead of synced/cloud

Is there a way to keep the filename sorting, without first sorting by synced files and cloud files?

Hi Steve,

What you are seeing is due to the Windows sorting behavior, where it will always group files and folders. Folders appear first, followed by files. This is the built-in behavior, and, unfortunately, there isn’t a native setting in Windows to mix files and folders together in an alphabetical list. Since odrive uses placeholder files to represent unsynced folders, they are subject to this grouping/sorting method.

A potential workaround is to use Search, as follows:

  • In the directory where you want to see files and folders intermixed, click on the search box in the top right (or press Ctrl + F).
  • Type * and press Enter, then click Name. This wildcard search will return all files and folders in the current directory.
  • They will be displayed in one combined list, alphabetically.