File Deleted on Odrive

I have a file that was deleted on the Odrive this morning, right before eyes.

When my co-worker couldn’t find the file on Procore this morning, I searched for it on the Odrive. I saw the file on the Odrive in my project folder. Then I searched for it on Procore and it wasn’t there anymore. It was there 2 days ago. Then I went back to the Odrive. Re-opened the project folder. Saw the file and then it just disappeared from view. Why did this happen?

My files unsync monthly. I re-sync’d them just last week. I can’t find this file in my trash bin. I re-uploaded this file to the Project folder, but this time via Procore (just to be safe.)

Hi @giannetti,
Thanks for reaching out.

We would need to take a look at a diagnostic to determine what odrive saw. odrive will never delete a file on its own, so what you saw would’ve been a sync action based on changes it saw. We can see this in the diagnostic.

Next steps:

  1. Make sure you are on the latest version of odrive. To do this:
  • Exit odrive from the odrive tray menu
  • Download the latest version from here: Set Up Your odrive
  • Install
  1. Send a diagnostic: How do I send a diagnostic? - #2 by Tony

  2. Provide the name of the file and the full path to that file that you experienced this with.

Hi Tony,
I haven’t responded with the name of the file, the full path name and diagnostics, because the project information is confidential. (It cannot be shared publicly. )

Thank you for offering to help, but my general inquiry will need to be closed.


Hi @giannetti,
Thanks for the reply.

You can always send me a private message so that only I can see the information (click on my name here and select “Message”). Diagnostics are also always private and automatically purged within 3 days.