File count limits

Is there any limit on the count of files that odrive and sync with the Google Drive service?

Hi @bhardwick,
odrive doesn’t impose any limit. Performance can decline if you have a very large data set, however. How many files are you working with?

About 1 million files and 15TB of data.

Hi @bhardwick,
That’s a lot of data. odrive is made for more day-today access of your storage, with optimal use target to specific areas of your storage via progressive syncing (using unsync to turn areas that are not relevant into placeholders).

If you wanted to have the entirety of that data exposed and tracked through the odrive client, you will probably run into performance issues, since odrive will need to actively scan, track, and sync all of that data. If you can use progressive sync to target access for specific users, reducing the sync scope on individual systems, then odrive should be able to work for you.