Feature request: recursive unsync files only

I’d like to right-click on a folder and somehow turn all of its files into placeholders, recursively, while keeping the folder structure inside it.

Ideally “unsync” could bring up the window with the slider, just like “sync”, letting you choose what size files to unsync (or all files).

I know this can be done by unsyncing the whole folder and then bringing it back recursively using placeholders but that can take a long time on huge folders and I can’t apply it only to large files.

(I’m not sure why it’s useful to unsync a folder and lose the folder structure inside it – I want to always have the folder structure, but just unsync some files to save disk space.)

Unsyncing a folder will by default unsync all files and subfolders contained within. Is this not the behaviour you are seeing?

That is what I’m seeing.

I’d like to unsync all the files (recursively), but keep the subfolders so I can browse them.

Equivalent to unsyncing the folder, then syncing it again with “Download nothing” and “Include subfolders”.

Ok. So the feature request is “unsync files only”.