Feature request: always download directory structure option

Here is my situation. I have a very large, very deep directory up on Google Drive. I don’t want to sync all of the data, but I need to sync all of the directories. The reason is that whenever I am trying to save a file on my Mac into a particular odrive location, I can’t, because the parent directory is only a link. So, I have to cancel the save dialog, go to the Finder, open the nine layers to get to the location I want, and then go back to the application and save the file.

In the Auto Download Limit, there is “Never Download”, “10MB”, etc. My request is that there be a new option that says “Links Only”. This will always download every directory, but just placeholders for the actual data.


Hi David,
You can accomplish a “placeholder only” sync of a directory by right-clicking on the folder in question and selecting “Sync”. That will provide a pop-up where you can choose “Nothing” and select “Include subfolders”.


Yes this would be a useful feature. Awesome Tony that we can do this already.

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Great feature. I don’t want to have to manually click on a bunch of folders and select and apply sync options when I am drilling down to see my files.

Tony’s method works, but this would be nice to have as a settings/preferences checkbox.

Just an FYI: You can also set folder sync rules up to have this done will all new folders:

You still have to set it up once, but you can set it on a top-level folder to apply to everything underneath.