Failed to mount

We were using Odrive to back up Amazon Drive, where we unlinked authentication.
We’ve created an authentication with Onedrive for Business.
When trying to mount Onedrive, we get the following error:

python “$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/” mount “/storage/onedrive” /

Unable to sync /storage/onedrive This is a premium feature. Please upgrade your account.

How to solve this problem?

Hi @ti1,
Do you have another mount defined? You can only have one mount defined unless you have a Premium subscription.

run: python $HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/" status --mounts
This will list any existing mounts you have. If you have one already defined, you can use the unmount command to unmount.

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Hi, Tony.
Thanks for the help.
His tip was fundamental. I did not unmount the previous cloud.
Problem solved.
Thank you!

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Great! Thanks for the update.