Failed sync of encryptor directory

I am getting a very informative error (“unexpected error, please try again later”) when trying to sync a directory in an Encryptor volume to Amazon Cloud Drive. All the other directories are fine, but when I try and force sync the specific problem directory, I get that error.

I have chunking set to 2 GB, and no other limits set. Any thoughts? At least better log messages would be appreciated.

OSX 10.12.

Hi @cdl,
It may be a strange error coming back from Amazon.

This is on an upload?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and provide the folder name so I can take a look?

I just sent a diag to you. Probably came with the user The directory is Encryptor/filecabinet/tax

Hi @cdl,
I’m taking a look now.

Can you tell me a little bit about your setup?
Are you using any symlinks within the odrive folder? If so, where?
Is there any other software currently working on the same data? Possibly copying it into the odrive folder from elsewhere?

There are a few files hitting filesystem exceptions. I will send those to you in a PM.

For the Encryptor/filecabinet/tax folder, try moving that out of the odrive folder and placing it somewhere else, for now. Once the rest of your sync activity dies down, try moving it back in.

odrive looks to be very busy tracking lots of other stuff in the Encryptor/filecabinet/ folder, so I would like that to settle before tackling the tax folder.

Done - do you want a new dump?

No symlinks that I am aware of. Nothing more than normal activity/applications writing into files in odrive, or reading from.

Actually there are a few symlinks there…

Hi @cdl,
Generally symlinks should work. We try to follow them, but they can cause general issues with reflection and performance, and they can behave strangely in a sync environment. They can also be broken or self-referencing, which prevents sync from processing them properly. This is why we recommend not using them, if possible.

Something I saw that was odd was lots of files being renamed from a name like abc.txt.[random string here] to abc.txt. This type of behavior is something I would expect from a utility or application that is copying, moving, or otherwise working on data. That is why I asked about other applications. Is there anything like that in play?

In any case, let’s give odrive some time to process and see where it ends up after several hours. Will you be able to send a diagnostic later tonight or tomorrow?

I just sent another diag. It seems as if it’s stalled right now (with 82 waiting).

Hi @cdl,
If you click on the waiting items listed do you see any information? The diagnostic shows that most of these are being reported as “not found” by the OS. Are these broken symlinks?

I just removed the encryptor, and the backing store for it, reinstalled it, and now everything in the filecabinet directory is reports error when I try and sync it. Sent a new log

Hi @cdl,
I am not really clear on what steps you took, but it looks like the new Encryptor folder is not properly initialized. odrive cannot see the “filecabinet” folder. It looks at though it has not been defined.

Let’s try this:

  1. Move the filecabinet folder out of the Encryptor folder to a safe location, outside of any odrive folders.
  2. Make sure you have a “filecabinet” Encryptor folder defined in odrive ( ). If you do not, create one now.
  3. On your Desktop, inside the Encryptor folder, you should see a filecabinet.cloudf placeholder show up. Double-click to open that folder and supply the passphrase if needed.
  4. Now copy the contents of the Filecabinet folder from step 1 into this new filecabinet Encryptor folder.

Ok, I blew away the Encryptor/filecabinet and re-created it. It now works. I’ve removed all (good and missing) symlinks from one of the problematic sub-folders and re-added it to the Encryptor/filecabinet hierarchy. It still fails with an ‘unknown error’ You have new diags.

Hi @cdl,
I see several network exceptions coming from Amazon. It looks like you cleared up the other issues. Are you still seeing issues now?

What do you see listed in waiting/syncing/not allowed in the odrive menu?

about to tell you, all is working. wrapped everthing with a symlink into a tarball, however.

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Thanks for the update. I will make a note for further symlink testing against our current dev versions.