Extracting / Downloading to ACD Mount


I just found odrive and was wondering if the with odrive it is possible to extract or download files directly to a ACD mount?

Hi @gsatdiablo,
Can you clarify what you are wanting to do?

You can certainly download files from your Amazon Cloud Drive account, but I am not clear on what you mean by an “ACD mount”.

Hi @Tony,

well, does odrive not offer the option to mount the ACD to a folder (e.g. /mnt) or a drive (Z:)?
I know that feature from rclone and thought odrive would offer that as well.

Hi @gsatdiablo,
You can use “sync to odrive” to simulate something like this, were you can map a folder on another volume to a folder in the cloud. This requires the volume or mount to exist, physically, however. You cannot create a virtual mount with an odrive folder.

More information: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-sync#section-syncing-external-storage

Ok here it is, I have a huge issue with the greed at Amazon, I chose to download everything back, (2tb), whent he ACD app failed to work I went to o-drive, thanks O-drive! The best way I found to accomplish what you are asking is to allow O-drive to load in its current config (z:) then copy those folders after all of ACD has completed and keep that as your folder so you don’t lose the data. My advice is to buy an external drive and save everything important. not sure if any of this helps but I am done with cloud based drives:)

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