Exempt Folders from Auto-Unsync

I’d like to be able to exempt specific folders (or sub-folders) from the automatic unsync rules.


Thanks for the feature request. You’re right in that we don’t currently support that level of granularity… the auto-unsync setting is a global setting. We’ll update here if there’s any action or plans to move forward in this area. If you have more information about your use case or preferred way of accomplishing this from an interface standpoint (e.g. by dropping a specially named config file in that folder or being able to right-click on a folder to set the status), let us know.

Also, in the meantime, anyone else who is interested in this feature should also chime in.



Well, I’m a little confused by this feature. Will unsyncing occur even if you have right clicked on a folder and picked sync settings of “everything” for “all folders” and “all new files”? Because that’s what I’ve done for several of my folders that I never want to unsync, and yet I go back and look and yikes, there are .cloud folders in there again.

Is this by design, a bug, a misunderstanding on my part?

As of now, I’m going to have to turn off auto-unsync even though it was one of the reasons that compelled me to purchase odrive.

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Reading the documentation helps:

Keep in mind that auto unsync settings will apply to any files that have been downloaded. For example, if you have set folder sync rules to a folder to always download everything, the folder setting applies to any newly added files. After those files are downloaded, auto unsync settings would apply. If you do not wish the results of your folder settings to be undone in that case, then you should set auto unsync to “Never”.

Okay, then it does do the unsyncing no matter what I said about the folder. So “Never” is the setting for me.

Please add my vote for folder-level auto-unsyncing.


Hi @scrooks,
Thanks for the follow-up! I’m glad you found the documentation useful.

Yes, you are correct, auto unsync is applied globally to all folders.

Noted on your vote for folder-level auto unsync.

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+1 for this feature!

definitely a feature I would like to have in odrive! :+1:
This was the first thing I’ve tried to accomplish when I’ve purchased for the pro version.

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It would be great if you could override the auto-unsync. There could be a different badge for hot-synced folders, if you feel that doesn’t confuse things.

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This is kind of the reverse of what is asked for here, but it may be interesting to some folks.

As part of a blog post I did on the odrive CLI, I wrote an example script that would selectively unsync based on file properties/characteristics like extension, size, and date. You could use that script, or a modification of it, to target your unsyncs in an automated fashion by running it as scheduled task.


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@Tony, do you suggest to disable the auto unsync feature in odrive and implement a logic by myself and putting this logic in a scheduled task?

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Hi @helmut.rohregger,
Yes, but only if you want to add these more advanced unsync capabilities, and only if you are comfortable doing so. The CLI can offer a lot of additional flexibility and customization, so I wanted to make sure folks knew it was an option.

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Ok. Maybe I will give it a try.

How does odrive decide which files/folders will get unsynced? The last access time or the last write time? If odrive unsyncs files based on the access time I could simulate an access to files/folders I don’t want to unsync and let odrive unsync all other files.

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It uses the modified time, so “last written”.

You could use that idea along with the CLI scripts, though. Currently that sample script uses last modified but you can change it (or add) to use access time.

In bash that would be “atime”. In powershell it would be “LastAccessTime”

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+1 on this feature. I’d like to be able to selectively auto unsync a folder via a right click option. Additionally it would be incredibly helpful to have a global setting by cloud account as well, i.e. always auto unsyc OneDrive after x time period of file/folder inactivity.

In my opinion, this would be more helpful than the auto unsync immediately after upload feature since having this option would allow a “set it and forget it” approach with the added benefit of account/folder level granularity. While I understand what the unsync after sync does, the terminology would probably be a bit difficult for new users to pick up. Just my .02

So far, I’m loving odrive though.