Exclude or filter out certain files/folders from sync?

I have a large folder tree that I sync using odrive. There are a handful of nodes in the tree that don’t need syncing (temp folders, etc.).

is there a way to exclude select leaf node folders from the sync while still syncing their parents and peers?


Hi @sb1,
We don’t have a way to do this, but it is something that has been discussed in this feature request thread: Custom exclusion lists for sync (detailed blacklist/whitelist control, simple file-extension exclusion, etc.)

For now, it is possible to simulate this behavior for folders by prepending a ~ to its name, which will exclude it from sync.

Is there any function to filter the type of files to sync?
Example, i like to exclude all *.bak from syncing to my cloud space.

thank you

Hi @nashjohari,
Please take a look at the above post.