Everything stopped working at end of trial

Have others experienced this? I lost not only the premium features but also the basic ones - the entire product is nonfunctional now, nothing syncs when I update it on computer A and computer B receives no updates for these files

Hi @lance_abel,
The only features that will stop work are the premium features. If you were using “sync to odrive” during the trial then those sync folders will stop working. Everything within the default odrive folder should still function normally.

Here is a post that goes through the specifics of Free and Premium:

Thanks Tony.
What’s the default folder?

On my pc in Windows Explorer, the odrive section links to c:\users\Lance. There is only one folder in there, “OneDrive”, which , confusingly, links to C:\users\Lance\odrive\OneDrive
All of these folders are permanently pink (in updating mode now) but never do update (my Internet is fine). When I right click and click Sync for anything in these folders, there are no error messages, but the files do not have ticks next to them and don’t upload.
The folders that were updating on my Mac are /Users/Lance/Downloads and /Users/Lance/Sync
and the odrive folder is /Users/Lance/Sync.

Any advice on where to put things/what to do ?

Upd some files go from pink (syncing ) to no colour, but still don’t have ticks, and didn’t upload

Hi @lance_abel,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look? That should give me an idea of what you might be hitting.

Hi Tony, just pressed send now.
I see in the menu there are a bunch of things that are permanently in the “waiting” area. It keeps trying to Sync them, then they go back in to the waiting area

Also sent now the diagnostics from the other machine (the mac), although I imagine the issue is on the Windows one

Hi @lance_abel,
The diagnostic shows that OneDrive is reporting it is out of space. Can you check on the OneDrive web client to verify?

Awesome work Tony - that was exactly the problem (and now it’s fixed).
Thank you very much!

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Great! Thanks for the update @lance_abel

hi guys. I have a question here.

My trial ended and now none of the files are syncing.

Also the green check (I believed it is called icon overlays) is missing from all my previously folders.

Im not sure if i used sync to odrive previously to sync my folders.

My question is, how do I sync the folders now if I am a free user.

*Trying to sync my office laptop folders to my personal onedrive so that i can access it to my home macbook

Hi @prabuharan89,
It sounds like you may have been using “Sync to odrive folders”. The default odrive folder will continue to sync without a Premium subscription, but the “Sync to odrive folders” will not.

You can find your default odrive folder by going to the odrive menu and selecting “Open odrive folder”. This will show the storage you have linked to your odrive account and you can browse, download, and upload anywhere within this folder.

Yup. finally figure out Odrive folder. Thanks for the help.

I wish Odrive have monthly subscription as 99USD as yearly time payment is too much.