Every File I try to upload is Not Allowed

I am new to ODrive and just downloaded the desktop app. I have tried placing every type of file from multiple different corners of my computer into the drive, but all of them show up as “Not Allowed”. I’ve edited permissions, I’ve reinstalled the app and nothing seems to work.

The messages I’ve received include:
For individual files: Files/folders cannot be uploaded to this folder
For Folders: The File/Folder could not be modified

I would figure one or two files might do this, but I have yet to drag and drop anything in that will sync. Appreciate any insight! Thanks!

Hey design,

Just guessing here, but sounds like you are attempting to upload files directly to your odrive folder.

This isn’t possible because odrive doesn’t actually provide any storage of its own - odrive brings all your different storage together in one place so you can add your files to those services as you see fit.

So odrive won’t allow you upload files to the “odrive” folder and will report that to you as a “Not Allowed”. You’ll need to select one of the storage points you’ve linked (like Dropbox or Google Drive) and drag your files to that service.

Hopefully that helps. And if this is not the case let me know and we’ll take another pass at getting you cleared up and moving forward.


That clears up a lot. Thank you!