Errors I don't understand

Hi. I have a sync log full of errors I don’t understand. How can I get some help understanding them?

Hi @issiromem,
The snippet posted looks like odrive has recognized that items have been moved or deleted from /Users/issiromem/odrive/. The root odrive folder only contains “links” (your linked storage). the odrive desktop client is not allowed to delete these.

It also looks like the “Shared With Me” folder in Google Drive was deleted.

Did you intentionally delete these items?
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu so I can take a closer look?

Hi Tony. Thanks for the quick response. I just sent a diagnostic.

I recently learned that odrive can (i) backup folders outside of the odrive folder, and (ii) sync folders outside the odrive folder.

Before, I had my content synced to Google Drive and also to S3 (which created an issue with backing up Google Doc/Sheet placeholders to S3).

After learning the above, I cancelled the sync with S3 and set up a backup to S3 outside the odrive folder, and I moved the Google Drive sync folder out of the odrive folder. This seems to be the source of the errors you interpreted for me.

How should I fix this so the errors go away?


Hi @issiromem,
If you go to the odrive tray menu under “Trash bin” and then select “Restore all trashed items”, that will restore the items as placeholders and will remove these errors.

Thank you!! Short and sweet, and did the trick (:

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