Error updating the folder. No permission

I Just started trying odrive and I first configured 2 Google Drive accounts. They started syncing alright than they showed that they are finished and when I checked the folders I saw that some did not actually sync. They have only the links to files in the cloud. When I double click on a file to trigger a sync an error message shows saying
"Can’t sync “name of the file”.
Error updating the folder. No permission "
I tried to move the odrive folder on my pc. Stopped and relaunched the program then even uninstalled and reinstalled it again . Always the same issue.
Any help please ?

Hi @nghozzi,
This is happening for all files, or just a set of particular files?
Are you able to add new files and have them sync in the same folder?
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Hi Tony, and thx for the reply
I installed wo Google Drive accounts . For the first , it did sync all first 8 Folders and their subfolders from a total of 16 folders (sorted alphabetically). I added a new file in one of the ok folders and it updated alright. For the other folders I can only see the odrive files and subfolders ready to sync but no actual files are downloaded !
For the second account it’s doing almost all directories (14) only one is not syncing…

Hi @nghozzi,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after you hit this error? I may be able to see something.

Just to clarify, this error is happening on one particular directory, and its the same one that keeps having errors, even after an uninstall?