Error: Size mismatch

I have a lot of files not synced (+200).
If I force the sync through Finder I am getting “Error updating the folder. Size mismatch.”
I have no issues if I use OneDrive app instead of odrive.

Hi @juanobregonmazo,
odrive has a check to make sure that downloads are the correct size, as reported by the remote storage, so we don’t end up storing incomplete downloads. Unfortunately we have seen that some storage providers (like OneDrive) will sometimes record the size incorrectly, which will always fail this check.

We have an advanced setting that will allow you to ignore this check. We don’t recommend having it on all the time, but it can be helpful for files that have been recorded incorrectly.

To set this:

  • Open up the odrive_user_general_conf.txt file in the root of the odrive folder.
  • Change the value of parameter "ignoreSizeMismatch": from false to true (ex: "ignoreSizeMismatch": true)
  • Save the file.
  • Try downloading again.

More information about this setting here