Error: "Mount folder ... is invalid."

I recently started getting the above error message occasionally, and what’s really weird is the folder name in the error message (shown above as …) indicates a folder that is not even supposed to be synced. Help, please?

Hi @mbarre2004,
Can you send a diagnostic over (from the odrive tray menu) and we can take a closer look? We added a notification when a mount goes missing, but perhaps there is a bug that is causing a false positive.

Thanks! I just sent one.

Hi @mbarre2004,
The log is showing that this “sync to odrive” folder is coming up as invalid:
Sync folders (1):
C:/Users/MBLiberty/Documents/MRB Files - not synced/2020 Computer Mgmt/Link odrive and Google Drive status:Invalid ItemNotFoundException

This is indicating the the remote folder that this folder was linked to can’t be found. Can you double-check both side of the relationship? If you don’t want this folder synced, click on its listing in the odrive tray menu under “sync to odrive” and you will get an option to remove sync from that folder.

Thanks, Tony, I have selected “remove sync.”

But what’s weird is I don’t think I ever asked for that folder to be synced. All of my data to be synced is under “C:\Users\MBLiberty\odrive.” I have intentionally kept the data to be synced separate from “C:/Users/MBLiberty/Documents”, because there are files in "“C:/Users/MBLiberty/Documents” that I do not want synced. It seems like Odrive tried to go rogue and sync folders never asked it to sync. Unless I somehow inadvertently did ask Odrive to sync that folder …

Hi @mbarre2004,
Thanks for the follow-up!

There isn’t a way for odrive to create this type of a folder on its own, so it is likely that this folder was setup a while ago (maybe during some initial testing or experimenting) and then forgotten about. The pop-up informing you of the mount issue is brand new. Previously, the error for invalid folders was hard to notice and could easily be missed, which is why we added in the message.

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Hi, I am encountering the same issue.

Where do I click to “Remove Sync” ?

Hi @kengann,
In the odrive tray menu there is a section named “sync to odrive”. That section lists your “sync to odrive” folders and clicking on the one that has an issue will provide an option to remove sync from that folder.

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Got it ! Thank you !

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