Error message about delete and file name too long for Recycle Bin for folders/files no one is modifying

We are evaluating ODrive as a replacement for Procore Sync. One of my testers keeps getting popups like these:
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These particular folders and files are for finished change orders that no one is modifying. So far he is telling it no because he fears it is going to delete the data.

Hi @Brett_B,
Thanks for reaching out.

When you see this pop-up, it means odrive no longer sees the item where it originally was on Procore storage, and is trying to sync that change down to the local system. This means that someone already moved or deleted the folder in Procore. odrive always does its best to preserve data, so it is attempting to move this folder to the local Windows Recycle Bin, but Windows is rejecting the attempt because of the path length.

Can you confirm you still see these items listed in Procore storage? If so, it may be that the folder was moved to another location, “out of view” of what is currently synced on the user’s local system.

The important thing to keep in mind is that odrive is not initiating or causing the delete. It is just trying to match what has already taken place on Procore storage.

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu from this user’s system? We can take a closer look at the configuration and activity.

We narrowed it down. Under the folder they have a Submitted and Approved folders. The errors are being generated when someone moves a subfolder from submitted to approved and ODrive is trying to remove the previous folder from Submitted.

I explained to him that for now just tell it yes to delete and we are going to work on reducing some file/folder names.

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Thanks for the follow-up @Brett_B.

odrive, itself, is compatible with long paths. Unfortunately you can still run into these types of issues with other applications. It is a bit baffling that Microsoft still hasn’t completely solved this issue in Windows.

We have considered adding an option to silently bypass and delete if the attempt to move a path to the Recycle Bin is rejected. If an advanced option like that was available, do you think your team would use it?