Error: Folder Size Mismatch

I am getting a “size mismatch” error for a folder I am trying to sync Odrive. The folder began syncing fine, but today, this error occurs even after I try restarting Odrive.

In a previous post, you suggested " To set this, open up the odrive_user_general_conf.txt file in the root of the odrive folder. For the parameter "ignoreSizeMismatch": false change the false to true , save the file, and restart odrive.". Yet, there is no ‘odrive_user_general_conf.txt’ file on my computer (the version I downloaded just a week ago).

What can I do to stop this error?

Hi @mark2,
You should be seeing the advanced configuration files, especially on the newest version.

Try restarting odrive and then navigate to the odrive folder or select “open odrive folder” from the odrive tray menu. Inside that folder you should see two files: odrive_user_general_conf.txt and odrive_user_premium_conf.txt.

If you still don’t see them, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and then take a screenshot of the contents of the root of odrive folder and post it here?

OK - I found it. I thought the file was with the ODrive program files, not the folder files; but I have found it and things seem to be syncing now.

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Great! Thanks for the update @mark2