Encryptor - Files reuploading when moved?

Hi all.

I’m experiencing a weird issue with odrive. When I move a file in Encryptor.

Encryptor/blah/file.txt to >Encryptor/blahblah/file.txt the file reuploads…

Does anybody know if this is the intended functionality? This is obviously very inefficient bandwidth wise.

Hi @carlco,
odrive has to look at the filesystem to determine what local actions have been taken. When a file is moved, it ends up seeing that there was a file removed from one location and added in another. It will try to optimize this as a “move” instead of an add and delete, but it may not always be able to apply the optimization.

Moving from one folder to another in the same Encryptor folder should be able to have the move optimization applied, but its not a guarantee. For example, if you have just created the destination folder for the moved file, odrive may not be able to pick up the optimization if the folder didn’t sync before the move took place.

Encryptor folders are a bit more complex than normal folder, so there is a higher opportunity for missing the optimization, but it should work the majority of the time.

If you are seeing this consistently, can you tell me what storage is being used for the Encryptor folder?