Encryption is not working on my windows computer

(sorry for my little English)
Hello. I signup today in order to set up an account with odrive.
I linked 2 accounts. In one account through web I created an encrypted folder. I followed all odrive steps.
When I opened that folder in my computer, odrive didn’t asked me for the secret passphrase. I thought that this was a bug. I exited from odrive - windows app, and I opened it again. I created another encrypted folder from web. I opened that folder through my pc and still the same issue - odrive didn’t asked me for the secret passphrase.
I opened Amazon Cloud drive, and really saw that files wasn’t encrypted.
How this issue can be fixed?

Sorry, I found my mistake. I didnt opened the right folder. Instead to open this folder - Odrive\Encryptor- I opened this folder - Odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive/Encryptedfolder

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Great! I’m glad to hear you got it sorted out.

Please let us know if you have any further question