Encrypting files by moving to Encryptor folder with shell script


I’m interested in using the Sync Agenct and CLI to automate the processing of my files. However, there are some files that I will want to encrypt.

Since it doesn’t appear as though encryption is possible using the CLI, I just wanted to confirm that I could still encrypt and sync those files using a shell script that copies the file from its original location to the Encryptor folder. I’ve read the description of how the Encryptor folder works and just want to ensure that the files will still be processed 1) if I’m not dragging and dropping files into the folder and 2) I’m running the script using Windows Task Scheduler while I’m logged off (but my computer is still turned on).

I have a NAS that has folders where the entire contents will need to be encrypted, so I can’t sync those folders and will have to send the files through the Encryptor folder. I read that you’re currently working on streamlining the encryption process (although it’s not clear if this will include the Sync Agent and CLI), but I’m looking for an alternative in the meantime.


Hi @beacon5,
Copying files into an Encryptor folder will encrypt the items and upload them, as long as the folder has been setup and odrive is running.

You mentioned a few things that may cause some problems:

  1. “while I’m logged off”.
    Since odrive runs under a particular user, logging off will most likely end the odrive process and prevent it from syncing anything.

  2. “I have a NAS”.
    Can you tell me how the NAS is currently connected and how odrive will be interfacing to it? Is the plan to copy files from the NAS into the odrive Encryptor folder on the local system?
    Additionally, if the user is logged off, you will most likely not be able to reach the NAS properly since the drive mapping is in user-space.


Hi Tony,

While I’m logged on, the NAS is connected via a mapped drive. Since you can define the user context in which Windows Task Scheduler runs, I was planning on checking the availability of mapped drives in the shell script and mapping to it if the drive is not found.

That’s too bad about the oDrive process running in user context…just in my use case, not logically for most use cases.

Does oDrive use a FileSystemWatcher for the Encryptor folder? If so, would the FileSystemWatcher get triggered at next logon? I’m assuming that the oDrive startup routine would process anything that might be in the folder. It’s not exactly what I was hoping for, but the end game is to get files uploaded, so if moving files to the folder while oDrive isn’t running and having them get triggered once oDrive starts up, then that would accomplish that goal as a workaround.

I have one other unrelated question…does oDrive use the RESTful API for Amazon Drive?


Hi @beacon5,
When odrive starts up it will process any new files that have been added while it was not running, so the files would be encrypted and uploaded at that point.


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