Encrypted Folder "Blank" on One Computer and Showing Up on Another


I’m running the newest build of Odrive on both an iMac and a MacBook Pro. (I just updated the Mac Book Pro today after I noticed that the two encrypted folders in my Amazon Cloud Drive storage were just not showing up. Under Encryptor, this links to a sub-folder in Amazon called “Encrypted Backups”. Inside that folder are two folders. They show up on Amazon’s Cloud Drive web application as encrypted, show up on my iMac as visible (where they should be), but are just missing on my Mac Book Pro.

I read some other threads that I thought could solve my issue. I unsynched, then re-synched making sure that I unchecked “include subfolders” and some of the other suggestions on other threads. But still no luck.

Here are some photos.

This is the Amazon Cloud Drive online:

Here are the folders showing up correctly on my iMac:

And here are the folders missing on my Mac Book Pro:


Hi @starkbotbeats,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

Is it possible that you accidentally created two Encrypted Backups folders with different encryption passphrases? I have seen this happen before, where the same folder was created with two different encryption keys. odrive will only display the items that can be decrypted with the given key, so you end up seeing the “wrong” folder.

Hi @Tony

I will send a diagnostic. Do you want it from both computers?


Hi @starkbotbeats,
Please send from both if you can.

@Tony I’m only seeing 1 folder with that name when I search on Amazon’s Web Application.


Hi @starkbotbeats,
Let’s try removing the encryption information from the Mac keychain so that odrive prompts you again. I have a feeling that somehow the folder is setup with the wrong passphrase so it can’t “see” the content.

Try this on the system that is unable to see the content:

  1. Unsync the Encryptor folder
  2. Close the odrive app
  3. Find the encryption entries in the “Keychain Access” app. Search for “odrive-encryption”.
  4. Remove the odrive-encryption entries from the keychain
  5. Start the odrive app
  6. Expand the Encryptor folder and then Expand the Encrypted Backups folder.

You should be prompted for the passphrase at this point. Enter the correct one and you should see those folders.

Hi @Tony . Forgot to write back… yes, this worked! Thanks so much. I must have mistyped when I entered it on this computer. Thanks again.

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Great! Thanks for the update @starkbotbeats